Very good product! I tried and recommend it! It is the best when you don't have time to cook and you are starving! Before the gym it works very well for me!

- Nathalia Z. Fort Lauderdale FL

Clean & Lean Vegan Protein Powder 55oz Jar

Clean & Lean Vegan Protein Powder 55oz Jar


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Product Information

Craving Crusher's Clean & Lean protein is the superior protein for anyone looking to stay lean , nourish or build muscle without the bloating or synthesized additives found in many other powders. Using natural and clean ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia and Nopal Juice this Vegan powder truly fends off hunger naturally. The proprietary blend of pea, rice and chia protein delivers all the Branch Chain Amino Acids you need to maintain and build muscle.  The acclaimed Cocoa taste has been touted as even better tasting than any animal or plant based competitor by several customers.  The clean profile of ONLY 125 calories ONLY 2 grams of sugar will leave you amazed this natural product nourishes and tastes so good.  Our powder also contains inulin and nopal that have been said to stimulate the growth of helpful probiotic bacteria.  The Clean & Lean powder is NON GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free so you can take with confidence. Find out what natural nutrition can do for you with this amazing Vegan Powder.    

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