Very good product! I tried and recommend it! It is the best when you don't have time to cook and you are starving! Before the gym it works very well for me!

- Nathalia Z. Fort Lauderdale FL

Clean & Lean Vegan Protein Powder 6 Pack Two Month Supply

Clean & Lean Vegan Protein Powder 6 Pack Two Month Supply

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Product Information

Crush hunger plus build and maintain lean muscle for weeks with this 6 pack special!! The only product on the market with a potent blend of natural clinically studied ingredients shown to control hunger PLUS a potent 4 plant based protein blend that delivers all the Branch Chain Amino Acids needed to build and maintain muscle.  With only 2g of sugar and 125 calories Craving Crusher Clean & Lean delivers a true lean profile of only NINE NATURAL INGREDIENTS PLUS OUR POTENT PROTEIN BLEND!! Top it off with an acclaimed taste by retailers and consumers alike and you will never need another powder again.  You can use the Clean & Lean anytime for your shakes or even use it when cooking to boost protein and control hunger.  

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