Can I take more than one Craving Crusher® per day?

Yes you can! For more effective results take two shots and repeat as needed. You can take Craving Crusher® as needed to satisfy Cravings and exercise caution when using craving Crusher® as it should not be used as a replacement for a healthy diet.

How long does Craving Crusher® take to work?

Craving Crusher® typically takes about 10 minutes to take its full effect.Individual results may vary depending on various factors such as weight, height and hunger level.

What does Craving Crusher® taste like?

Craving crusher has a delicious smooth chocolate flavor combined with a subtle hint of a key lime taste.

How many calories does Craving Crusher® have?

Has less than 100 calories or to be precise 95 calories.

Does Craving Crusher® has any proteins?

Craving Crusher® contains a High content of protein ( 15 GRAMS )

Does Craving Crusher® have any ingredients that will make me anxious or jittery?

No, Craving Crusher® has no caffeine, guarana or any other energy ingredients.

Do I have to refrigerate Craving Crusher?

No refrigeration is necessary before opening.

Does Craving Crusher® contain anything I may be allergic to?

Craving Crusher® contains hydrolyzed whey protein that contains milk.

Can I take Craving Crusher® if I am taking prescription medication?

Craving Crusher® is an all natural product however consumers should consult their doctor when consuming any dietary supplement.

What is the shelf life of Craving Crusher?

Craving Crusher® has a two year shelf life before opening.

Should I drink the entire mini bottle?

Craving Crusher® recommends that the entire shot is consumed for best results.

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