Expert Scientific and Management Team

The idea of Craving Crusher® was born from a seasoned Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry executive with over a decade experience whose interactions consisted of some of the world’s most important Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. Utilizing his contacts and experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry our founder began the development of his idea several years ago and eventually Craving Crusher® was born.

To develop the safest and best product our founder assembled an experienced and qualified team to develop Craving Crusher®. Since Craving Crusher® is truly an innovative and breakthrough product that sets itself apart from any weight loss, protein or appetite control product on the market, an experienced and qualified team was paramount to successful development. While individual results may vary, our founder knew Craving Crusher® would be a great tool for millions and therefore only the best team and partners would be selected to create and bring Craving Crusher® to market.

To lead the development efforts, Craving Crusher® created a scientific team lead by a PhD food scientist with over 25 years experience in the food science and supplement industry. Our Scientific Director is an expert in product development and has worked with products such as high energy and sport beverages, sugar replacement blends, infused fruits and vegetables, soy isolate, fish protein concentrates and whey protein concentrates. In addition, our Scientific Director has several patents pending which made him the ideal candidate to lead our innovative and proprietary efforts.

The Craving Crusher® advisory team consists of even more experience in the pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Some team members posses over 25 years experience in their industries respectively.

Quality, Safety and Made in the USA !

Made in USA at State of the Art Facilities

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